Inner Connections
This class is great for anyone who has never taken a yoga class before and wants to feel more confident and more comfortable in their yoga practice. Focusing on breath, movement and relaxation. A mixture of strength, power and flexibility. This class will change your body, build your muscles and work on your balance and coordination. Get stronger and lean! This class will challenge your whole body and burn fat. All fitness levels welcome! Our signature class is a mix of strength, endurance and flexibility all blended together to give you an amazing workout. Based on Vinyasa Yoga signature sequence, this class is taught in a heated room, with the added benefit of Sun.
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The focus of this class is to bring you closer to your body and the power of being who you are. This class will leave you feeling stronger and more confident. This class will challenge you to challenge your mind and open the door to the unknown. Each class is based on your own experience but incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, dance, pilates, and a little bit of circuit training. This class is suitable for all levels. The first yoga class is taught by the teacher with exercises that will improve your flexibility, balance, strength and posture.
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